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Advertising Schools in Nevada Site Evaluation

The only advertising school in Nevada state is University of Nevada - Reno, which has a student population of 16,875.

University of Nevada - Reno is a social media - savvy school with not only a website, but also a Facebook page and YouTube channel. University of Nevada - Reno has 14,438 "likes" on Facebook and 120 subscribers on YouTube.

Visual Preferences


The colors used on website for the only advertising school in Nevada are white for 22% of the site and yellow for 3.1% of the site.


The primary font used on website of University of Nevada - Reno's only advertising school is Century Gothic.

Social Presence

University of Nevada - Reno has a Facebook page with 14,438 "likes".

As mentioned earlier, University of Nevada - Reno has a YouTube channel with 120 subscribers.

University of Nevada - Reno has been bookmarked on Delicious 24 times.

Web Metrics

University of Nevada - Reno's website has a Compete Rank of 16,111, which indicates the number of unique visitors to the site. The school has a SEOMoz Page Authority rank of 74.2.