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1 Information Technology School in Waltham, Massachusetts

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Waltham, Massachusetts

Information Technology Schools in Waltham, Massachusetts Site Evaluation

There is only one information technology school in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is Bentley University. The school's website has a Google Page Rank of 7. Bentley University appears to maintain its site on a regular basis, as is indicated by the fact that there are not many broken links just one click away from the homepage.

Visual Preferences


The color used on the website for the only information technology school in Waltham is blue for 17% of the site.


The primary font used on website of Waltham's only information technology school is Baskerville.

Social Presence

Bentley University has a Facebook page with 5,878 "likes".

Bentley University has a YouTube channel with 143 subscribers.

Bentley University has been bookmarked on Delicious 55 times.

Web Metrics

Bentley University's website has a Compete Rank of 67,983, which indicates the number of unique visitors to the site. The school has a SEOMoz Page Authority rank of 75.3.