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82 Schools in Alabama

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Alabama Schools Site Evaluation

There are a total of 82 colleges in Alabama. Of these, 48 have a Facebook page, 32 have a Twitter account and 43 have a YouTube channel.

Visual Preferences


Exactly 57 of the 82 Alabama school websites use white as the primary color on their websites. The most commonly paired colors with white for school websites in Alabama are white (76.8%) and grey (45.1%).

Aside from white, other colors used as the predominant color on Alabama school websites include grey (9.8%), black (6.1%) and yellow (4.9%).

The colors used on the largest schools' websites in Alabama are as follows:

  1. Troy University: white 37% and grey 5.7%
  2. The University of Alabama: white 22% and grey 2.9%
  3. Auburn University: white 17% and grey 5.7%


The font of choice used on the largest number of Alabama school websites is Arial. Approximately 48.8% of Alabama schools use Arial as the primary font on their websites. Other popular fonts used on Alabama school websites are Verdana (18.3%) and Tahoma (9.8%).

The following fonts are used on the websites for the largest Alabama schools:

  1. Troy University: Arial
  2. The University of Alabama: Sans
  3. Auburn University: Verdana

Social Presence

As mentioned above, 58.5% of Alabama schools have Facebook pages. On average, these schools update their Facebook status 3 times a week. And the average number of "likes" Alabama schools have is 7,170. The Alabama schools with the greatest number of Facebook "likes" are:

  1. Auburn University: 209,957 "likes"
  2. Troy University: 19,511 "likes"
  3. University of North Alabama: 17,490 "likes"

In addition, 52.4% of Alabama schools have Twitter accounts. On average, these schools tweet updates 5 times a week. And, on average, Alabama schools have 1,445 Twitter followers. The Alabama schools with the greatest number of Twitter followers are:

  1. Auburn University: 17,795 followers
  2. The University of Alabama: 11,247 followers
  3. Heritage Christian University: 5,919 followers

And 39% of Alabama schools have YouTube channels. On average, these schools have 59 posted videos. And, on average, Alabama schools have 126 subscribers to their YouTube channels. The Alabama schools with the greatest number of subscribers are:

  1. Auburn University: 2,016 subscribers
  2. The University of Alabama: 515 subscribers
  3. University of Alabama at Birmingham: 385 subscribers

Web Metrics

The volume of traffic on Alabama school websites is average in comparison to traffic on school websites around the nation. The schools websites with the highest Alexa Rank in Alabama are:

  1. University of Phoenix - Birmingham Campus: Alexa Rank of 2,441
  2. Community College of the Air Force: Alexa Rank of 10,376
  3. The University of Alabama: Alexa Rank of 23,800

The Alabama school websites with the lowest Alexa Rank are:

  1. Huntsville Bible College: Alexa Rank of 23,944,879
  2. Selma University: Alexa Rank of 18,290,076
  3. Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound: Alexa Rank of 6,583,005