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11 Biochemistry Schools in Iowa

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Biochemistry Schools in Iowa Site Evaluation

There are a total of 11 biochemistry schools in Iowa state. With 28,987 students, University of Iowa is the largest biochemistry school in the state of Iowa.

University of Iowa is a social media - savvy school with not only a website, but also a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. University of Iowa has 25,239 "likes" on Facebook, 11,182 followers on Twitter and 314 subscribers on YouTube.

Visual Preferences


Exactly 6 of the 11 biochemistry schools with websites use white as the primary color on their websites. Another color used as the predominant color on Iowa biochemistry school websites is black (18.2%).

The colors used on the websites for the largest biochemistry schools in Iowa are as follows:

  1. University of Iowa: white 36% and black 1%
  2. Iowa State University: green 1.9% and red 1.7%
  3. University of Northern Iowa: white 26% and grey 5.3%


In Iowa, the most popular font style on biochemistry school websites is Verdana. Approximately 45.5% of biochemistry schools in Iowa use Verdana as the primary font on their websites. Other fonts commonly used on biochemistry school websites include Arial (36.4%) and Bitstream Vera Sans (18.2%).

The largest Iowa biochemistry schools' websites use the following fonts:

  1. University of Iowa: Arial
  2. Iowa State University: Arial
  3. University of Northern Iowa: Bitstream Vera Sans

Social Presence

Exactly 10 biochemistry schools in Iowa have Facebook pages. On average, each of these schools has 9,683 "likes" on their Facebook pages. The Iowa biochemistry schools with the greatest number of "likes" are:

  1. University of Northern Iowa: 34,086 "likes"
  2. University of Iowa: 25,239 "likes"
  3. Iowa State University: 13,268 "likes"

Exactly 9 biochemistry schools in Iowa have Youtube channels. On average, each of these schools has 83 Youtube channel subscribers. The Iowa biochemistry schools with the greatest number of Youtube channel subscribers are:

  1. University of Iowa: 314 subscribers
  2. Grinnell College: 106 subscribers
  3. Iowa State University: 100 subscribers

The Iowa biochemistry schools whose websites have been bookmarked the most number of times on Delicious are:

  1. University of Northern Iowa: 883 Delicious bookmarks
  2. Iowa State University: 123 Delicious bookmarks
  3. University of Iowa: 107 Delicious bookmarks

Web Metrics

Of all of the Iowa biochemistry school websites, the one that receives the greatest number of unique visitors belongs to Iowa State University. This is indicated by the fact that Iowa State University's site has a Compete Rank of 4,202, the highest Compete Rank of biochemistry school websites in Iowa.

And the Iowa biochemistry school website that is considered the most authoritative by SEOMoz belongs to University of Iowa. It has a SEOMoz Page Authority rank of 86.8.

It is interesting to compare this data with the statistics for the largest biochemistry schools in Iowa:

SchoolCompete RankSEOMoz Page Authority
University of Iowa4,44686.8
Iowa State University4,20281.9
University of Northern Iowa14,62778.7