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Designed in 1996 by Matthew Carter, Georgia is the serif companion to Verdana, Microsoft's workhorse of a sans-serif screen font. Georgia specifically addresses the challenges of typography displayed on a screen. When rendered at small point sizes, type on screen can become very difficult to read. Georgia tackles this problem by using wide and open counters, the white spaces in between the shapes of letters. When these spaces are too tight, the shapes become indistinguishable from one another. Georgia is very similar to Times New Roman, but takes out some of the fine details present in Times New Roman to make it suitable for screen - Georgia's serifs are somewhat flatter and blunter, for instance. Although nothing seems too odd about the name of the font, it has a somewhat curious and random derivation: it was jokingly named after a tabloid headline that read 'Alien heads found in Georgia.'

170 Schools in Georgia

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Georgia Schools Site Evaluation

There are a total of 171 colleges in Georgia. Of these, 102 have a Facebook page, 72 have a Twitter account and 88 have a YouTube channel.

Visual Preferences


Exactly 123 of the 171 Georgia school websites use white as the primary color on their websites. The most commonly paired colors with white for school websites in Georgia are white (87.1%) and grey (49.7%).

Aside from white, other colors used as the predominant color on Georgia school websites include black (9.9%), grey (7.6%) and blue (4.1%).

The colors used on the largest schools' websites in Georgia are as follows:

  1. University of Georgia: white 10% and red 2%
  2. Georgia State University: white 29% and blue 1%
  3. Georgia Perimeter College: white 42% and red 2%


The font of choice used on the largest number of Georgia school websites is Arial. Approximately 45% of Georgia schools use Arial as the primary font on their websites. Other popular fonts used on Georgia school websites are Verdana (21.1%) and Tahoma (7%).

The following fonts are used on the websites for the largest Georgia schools:

  1. University of Georgia: Arial
  2. Georgia State University: Calibri
  3. Georgia Perimeter College: Trebuchet Ms

Social Presence

As mentioned above, 59.6% of Georgia schools have Facebook pages. On average, these schools update their Facebook status 4 times a week. And the average number of "likes" Georgia schools have is 4,167. The Georgia schools with the greatest number of Facebook "likes" are:

  1. The Art Institute of Atlanta: 84,473 "likes"
  2. University of Georgia: 75,838 "likes"
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus: 31,833 "likes"

In addition, 51.5% of Georgia schools have Twitter accounts. On average, these schools tweet updates 5 times a week. And, on average, Georgia schools have 1,096 Twitter followers. The Georgia schools with the greatest number of Twitter followers are:

  1. The Art Institute of Atlanta: 9,023 followers
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus: 8,789 followers
  3. Emory University: 7,774 followers

And 42.1% of Georgia schools have YouTube channels. On average, these schools have 67 posted videos. And, on average, Georgia schools have 149 subscribers to their YouTube channels. The Georgia schools with the greatest number of subscribers are:

  1. Emory University: 2,807 subscribers
  2. The Art Institute of Atlanta: 1,885 subscribers
  3. Savannah College of Art and Design: 1,503 subscribers

Web Metrics

The volume of traffic on Georgia school websites is average in comparison to traffic on school websites around the nation. The schools websites with the highest Alexa Rank in Georgia are:

  1. University of Phoenix - Savannah Campus: Alexa Rank of 2,441
  2. University of Phoenix - Atlanta Campus: Alexa Rank of 2,441
  3. University of Phoenix - Augusta Campus: Alexa Rank of 2,441

The Georgia school websites with the lowest Alexa Rank are:

  1. Beauty College of America: Alexa Rank of 23,393,295
  2. American Professional Institute: Alexa Rank of 20,040,272
  3. Michael's School of Beauty: Alexa Rank of 17,748,659