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Massachusetts Schools Site Evaluation

There are a total of 181 colleges in Massachusetts. Of these, 125 have a Facebook page, 88 have a Twitter account and 101 have a YouTube channel.

Visual Preferences


Exactly 112 of the 181 Massachusetts school websites use white as the primary color on their websites. The most commonly paired colors with white for school websites in Massachusetts are white (75.7%) and grey (55.8%).

Aside from white, other colors used as the predominant color on Massachusetts school websites include grey (12.7%), black (8.8%) and blue (6.6%).

The colors used on the largest schools' websites in Massachusetts are as follows:

  1. Boston University: black 6.1% and white 6%
  2. Harvard University: white 7.7% and grey 4.4%
  3. Northeastern University: white 24% and grey 8.9%


The font of choice used on the largest number of Massachusetts school websites is Arial. Approximately 44.2% of Massachusetts schools use Arial as the primary font on their websites. Other popular fonts used on Massachusetts school websites are Verdana (22.1%) and Bitstream Vera Sans (5.5%).

The following fonts are used on the websites for the largest Massachusetts schools:

  1. Boston University: Arial
  2. Harvard University: Helvetica
  3. Northeastern University: Arial

Social Presence

As mentioned above, 69.1% of Massachusetts schools have Facebook pages. On average, these schools update their Facebook status 3 times a week. And the average number of "likes" Massachusetts schools have is 9,278. The Massachusetts schools with the greatest number of Facebook "likes" are:

  1. Harvard University: 711,688 "likes"
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 56,477 "likes"
  3. Boston University: 46,518 "likes"

In addition, 55.8% of Massachusetts schools have Twitter accounts. On average, these schools tweet updates 9 times a week. And, on average, Massachusetts schools have 2,150 Twitter followers. The Massachusetts schools with the greatest number of Twitter followers are:

  1. Harvard University: 69,704 followers
  2. Boston College: 15,524 followers
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 9,467 followers

And 48.6% of Massachusetts schools have YouTube channels. On average, these schools have 118 posted videos. And, on average, Massachusetts schools have 1,713 subscribers to their YouTube channels. The Massachusetts schools with the greatest number of subscribers are:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 113,180 subscribers
  2. Harvard University: 28,331 subscribers
  3. Berklee College of Music: 1,402 subscribers

Web Metrics

The volume of traffic on Massachusetts school websites is average in comparison to traffic on school websites around the nation. The schools websites with the highest Alexa Rank in Massachusetts are:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Alexa Rank of 1,354
  2. Harvard University: Alexa Rank of 1,540
  3. University of Phoenix - Boston Campus: Alexa Rank of 2,441

The Massachusetts school websites with the lowest Alexa Rank are:

  1. American Career Institute - Braintree: Alexa Rank of 24,366,942
  2. Branford Hall Career Institute - Springfield Campus: Alexa Rank of 23,458,938
  3. Ailano School of Cosmetology: Alexa Rank of 22,210,941